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Corkcicle is a totally new and innovative wine cooler, unlike any wine cooler you have seen before and so unique you can not imagine what it does without seeing the product, (below).

It is an icicle look alike, made of non-toxic gel enclosed in a BPA-free plastic icicle.

The Corkcicle will bring a slightly warm red wine down to a more enjoyable temperature in around ten to fifteen minutes and will keep a chilled white wine cold for about one hour.

The Corkcicle stays in the freezer to keep it cold, but as it is ling and thin, it takes up no noticeable space.

If you are entertaining, multiple bottles of wine will require multiple ice for refilling the bucket, and this not only takes up an enormous amount of space, but means taking the bucket to the kitchen, emptying and refilling each time. This is time consuming, as is making the ice in the first place. Two or three Corkcicles in the freezer will do the same job with less mess, less time and much less space.

The Corkcicle can be washed and reused indefinitely and only requires you to remove a small amount of wine from the bottle before inserting it. This can either be sipped, used for cooking or added to a glass.

The Corkcicle can, and probably will, replace your ice bucket. It is both smaller for storing and easy to take on picnics to ensure your wine is cool. No more running back and forth to the fridge to get the wine bottle, drinking luke warm wine or large, dripping ice buckets sitting on the table or floor, simply pull the Corkcicle out, pour the wine and replace – just like an ordinary cork.

A wine drinker will love this practical garget, so why not think of buying one as a gift that is both useful and fun. It will be the talk of the party.

Corkcicle in the bottle

Corkcicle: What makes it different?

There are no rivals to compare Corkcicle to. The closest thing is a classic ice bucket available from any home ware store and even some hardware stores.

These are some independent reviews of Corkcicle by web sites and companies who specialize in selling this type of product.

New York Shopping says:

The Best Bet   Wine buckets swallow up cupboard space and are too big to tote to that last-gasp Indian-summer picnic, anyway. The Corkcicle however, stows in a freezer, rinses easily, and rapidly chills bottles without diluting the blend.” declare:

“Wow your friends and loved ones with this device that cleverly inserts into a wine bottle and chills it from inside. This is genius! writes:

“There’s been plenty of genius ways to keep wine chilled without letting watery residue dilute the taste, but The Corkcicle is one of the most epic we’ve seen in quite some time. What looks like an arctic chunk of frozen water from the depths of an ice cave is actually an icicle made of BPA-free plastic filled with a reusable freeze gel.”

Freezer Rack (Holds 16 Corkcicles)

Corkcicle vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Corkcicle)

As there is nothing remotely like Corkcicle on the market to make a comparison, I have addressed some of the critical reviews of this “new” product.

When any new, totally different product comes out there are usually advocates and detractors. It is good to read and evaluate both, but in the case of Corkcicle the negatives seem to lack fundamental logic.   This has received mixed reviews by experts, but the negatives are not valid criticisms.

This has been described as “the wine cooler you don’t need”, but you don’t need an ice bucket either, red wine should not be in one and white can be returned to the fridge for a better result. Anything short of a proper wine cooler fridge is considered “not right” by some wine snobs, and yet most people and restaurants use wine buckets.

The next “problem” says that “having a foreign body, something other than the bottle touch the wine is off putting – yet you pour it into a glass. The Corkcicle can be washed just the same as a glass can. Lastly it has been called expensive, but at only a few dollars more than a cheap wine bucket it is not expensive.

600px × 224px

Corkcicle: Pricing & packages

Corkcicle is $22.95, and at this price is actually cheaper than the majority of wine buckets. The price comparisons here are only with regards to the cheapest wine buckets.

 There is a special offer if you buy three Corkcicles, $68.85 for three and you get free shipping to Usa with this offer too. 

They even make a freezer rack for multiple Corkcicles, sixteen to be precise. This costs $18.98. 

 This is a one product web site, so the only prices are for the Corkcicle.

An ice bucket from will set you back $15.95 for a basic plastic one and $195.72 for a steel one, and these are the cheapest ones.

A steel wine bucket from will cost $48 offer one of the most economical wine buckets around at $12.95 and actually one of the best looking among the cheap ones.

90px × 90px

Corkcicle: Product images & screenshots
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Corkcicle: Customer reviews & comments

Customers who have bought Corkcicle rated it 5 out of 5 and say:

“What a perfect idea! Wine never ends up back in the ice bucket after its opened and tends to sit on the counter and warm up. With this - not only does that not happen, it chills it faster since its in the middle of the wine rather than outside the bottle. Plus - its much easier to get back in than the original cork is!”

“What a great idea the Corkcicle presents, it's one of those things you kick yourself asking "why didn't I think of it", Oh Well, I am glad I found this item, now I can pretty much cross off half my Holiday Shopping Lists, as everyone is getting one of these :)
Simply place the Corkcicle in the freezer until the liquid freezes and replace your cork with The Corkcicle and it keeps the wine chilled for hours.”

“This thing is the coolest little thing ever. Keeps the wine cold and I love it. Always got one in my freezer.”

“Not only do these look cool but they work great. My wine always ended up on the table outside with us instead of refrigerated and we never used ice buckets so this sounded perfect. It is exactly what I hoped it would be and I can't wait to give my friends/family some!”

660px × 167px

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A well done review. I have not had the time to write one for some time now. Good job here

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What an interesting gadget! Nice review.

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